About Me

Hello, I’m Jordyn. I’m nineteen going on 75 and loving my life. I’m a college student and I just want to try out the blogging world. Coffee is my favorite with chocolate at a close second. I love to craft and have high hopes of learning to quilt beautifully. This is my modge podge of ideas, bible studies, random thoughts, etc.

You may be confused by the name of the blog, heart’s perfume, so I will elaborate on that. Recently, I have loved a song called “Waste It All” by Kim Walker.  The song’s chorus goes:

“I’m gonna waste it all on You,

I’m gonna pour my heart’s perfume.

I don’t care if I’m called a fool, 

I’m wasting it all on You.”

How beautiful our lives would be if this was our anthem! We were created to live wholly for God. This means that we are called to do as the woman in Mark 14 did and pour out our most expensive perfume at Jesus’ feet. We will have to lay down things that we may desire at Jesus’ feet so that we can follow after him. It isn’t going to be comfortable… it isn’t supposed to be. Laying down our desires is the only way that we can accomplish the mission God has called us to. God’s plans for our lives are greater than we could ever dream up for ourselves, we shouldn’t rob ourselves of those plans by becoming like the world.

Thanks for stopping by!


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